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Ready to join the renovation revolution

Apply today to become a RELI contractor or Manufacturing Partner.

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RELI’s reputation is built on the reliability and workmanship of our contractor partners. For that, we are fiercely loyal to the fine men and women working in the field on our customer’s projects. Being selected to become a part of our team means that you’ve demonstrated not only a mastery in craftsmanship but also a master of customer service and are capable of delivering the top-quality customer experience our clients deserve.

Contractor Requirements

  • You have an active contractor’s license in the state(s) where you operate.

  • You are insured and bonded.

  • You are comfortable wearing body cams to protect both the client and your team from “he said-she said” situations.

  • Ability to pass a complete background check for yourself and any team members who could potentially work on our projects.

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Contractor Benefits

  • Plenty of work for you and your team without the hassle of worrying about marketing your business or learning embarrassing TikTok dances

  • No sales call. We do all the heavy lifting with the client before you’re assigned to the job.

  • Never worry about endless estimating, negotiations, or getting paid at the end of the job. We handle all the busy work and collect all client payments upfront.

Don’t be the ugly duckling of your neighborhood!

Download the RELI app today and give your home a facelift tomorrow.

Become a


RELI is dedicated to providing the best USA-made materials for our customer’s projects. If you can produce custom-sized windows and doors here in the great USA, we want to talk with you!

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Manufacturer Requirements

  • Must be a USA-based Manufacturer

  • No distributors, retailers, or other middlemen

  • Must be able to meet our industry-standard warranty terms

  • Must be able to deliver finished goods to the job site or warehouse

Manufacturer Benefits

  • Keep your employees busy and keep their jobs here at home.

  • Hassle-free payments on delivery.

  • Peace of mind knowing that only the best installers will be handling and installing your products.

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