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The RELI app brings order to home renovation and construction chaos, specifically window and door replacements. Before RELI, window and door replacement projects could require homeowners to request 10-20 onsite estimates. That is a lot of time out of a homeowner’s day, only to have up to 50% of contractors cancel or reschedule at the last minute.

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With Estimates in Hand...

homeowners would then be set to the Herculean task of sorting out those that sounded too good to be true from the overpriced big guys and the handful of contractors willing to do the work in a reasonable time frame and on a reasonable budget. But even then, the homeowner was always at risk. 

Pay & Pray! 

Forced to front a large deposit to the contractor directly, homeowners were left to hope and pray that the contractor they picked was one of the honest ones and not one of the thousands of contractors caught defrauding homeowners every year.

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Our goal with

RELI eliminates the anxiety and risk associated with window and door replacements and levels the playing field for homeowners against an industry at odds with their best interests.


Using the 

Mobile app

 Homeowners can quickly measure, style, and schedule their window and door replacement in 10 minutes or less.

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“But what about getting multiple estimates? How will homeowners know if they are getting the best price?

With RELI, you are guaranteed the best price possible on USA-made windows and doors, plus fixed-price installation. But the best part about managing your project with RELI is that your entire project is practically risk-free. 

At every step in the process, we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure that your home is treated as if it were our own and that every contractor we hire is not only licensed, bonded and insured but highly vetted, respectful, and a master in their trade ensuring nothing but 100% satisfaction from our customers.



Robert & Alisa Beknazarian

Robert and Alisa’s story together started a decade ago on the floor of a convention in LA. But things didn’t heat up until they met again at a party that ended in an argument between Alisa and Robert. Words were exchanged, and the pair didn’t speak again for another two years. The next time they met, the sparks flew, but this time in a good way, and two years later, Robert and Alisa were married, bought their first house, and had a son. As the family grew, Robert began investing in rental properties.

He soon found himself in the nightmare of property management and maintenance as he attempted to upgrade his new investments and keep up with maintenance. The nightmare came to a head in 2020 after Robert had driven two hours to one of his properties in Palm Springs to have work done, only to be stood up AGAIN by a flighty, unprofessional contractor. At that moment, Robert knew there had to be a better way, and at that moment, the RELI concept was born.

Don’t be the ugly duckling of your neighborhood!

Download the RELI app today and give your home a facelift tomorrow.

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