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Window and Door Replacements Without The Headache

RELI is the easiest way to upgrade your tired, broken, and ugly windows and doors with High-Quality, USA-made replacements without the hassle of flaky contractors, endless estimates, and sky-high pricing. RELI helps you replace your windows and doors quickly, easily, and affordably at a fixed price with no surprises. 

You Mow Your Grass In Perfect Stripes,

carefully prune your hedges to topiary quality, and spend hours pressure washing your driveway, removing even the hint of dirt. But no amount of striping, pruning, or power washing will fix an ugly set of windows and doors (trust us, we’ve tried).

No one will appreciate your sculpture quality arborvitae, with the peeling, rusted, sun-stained windows and doors stealing the show. 

Group 1000007430.png
Not to mention...

with energy costs spiking, your hard-earned money is slipping right out of those drafty windows and doors.
But what can you do? Replacing all your windows is a huge, complicated project and must cost a fortune, Right?!

Group 1000007426.png

If you’ve ever gotten a quote for window or door replacements and felt like you were getting swindled, you’re not alone. As homeowners and property investors ourselves, we were constantly getting blindsided with exorbitant replacement costs that seemed utterly detached from the quality of the materials and installation we would receive.

Group 1000007445.png

We knew there had to be another way, so we started                

RELI is the first-of-its-kind consumer-focused renovation app. It allows users to receive instant quotes for window and door replacements, vet their contractor, and schedule the work without ever having to leave their couch.


vs. the Old Way

The               Way

Fixed prices with no surprises.

All installers are background-checked, licensed, bonded, insured, and body cam’d to ensure your family’s safety.

You’re in control! Choose the windows you want and your installation timeframe.

Streamlined and dedicated app to connect you with a qualified contractor because let's be honest, do you really want to find a contractor with the same app you use to find a new lunch spot?

Straightforward and transparent purchase process.

Feel confident that the job will be done right the first time. The contractor doesn’t get paid until the job is done right!

Instant estimates with no home visit required.

The Old Way

Group 26.png

Estimates with a lot of unhappy surprises

Group 26.png

Good luck.

Group 26.png

We’ll be there in six weeks or maybe tomorrow between 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. with no prior warning so you must stay home all day.

Group 26.png

Hours of searching on Google, Yelp, or Angie’s List only to be inundated with calls from contractors, most of which won’t actually show up for your estimate.

Group 26.png

Complicated “car buying from hell” sales process full of hidden fees and ridiculous upcharges.

Group 26.png

Large upfront deposit. Hopefully, you prayed to the right gods so the guy doesn’t run off with your money.

Group 26.png

You schedule a time in the middle of the day for the contractor to come and give you an in-person estimate. You rush home from work to meet them right on time while they arrive two hours late with muddy boots, complain about the traffic, and rush through measuring because they are already late for their next appointment. Of course, they’ll forget a critical measurement. But don’t worry, they’ll be back to get it sometime in the next few weeks.

Don’t be the ugly duckling of your neighborhood!

Download the RELI app today and give your home a facelift tomorrow.

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